Just as important as our eyesight, smell plays multiple and indispensable roles: it stimulates our appetite, gives us pleasure, warns us of impending danger, generates emotions, or revives memories ... 1000 times more sensitive than the taste, the olfactory organ touches the deepest part of our brain through a complex mechanism that influences our behavior since childhood. For Les Senteurs Gourmandes, you can imagine that the subject is essential and especially intriguing.

This common passion for odors, smells, and everything related to our senses naturally got us closer. Founded in 1989 by Jean Cheymol (sommelier and 1st sensory specialized trainer) Arômes et Saveurs has unique knowledge in France in the olfactory field, as in that of the 5 senses’ mechanism. Presently managed with dexterity by Jonathan Houzelle Arômes et Saveurs enjoys an outstanding reputation in the senses’ world.

Our collaborations are various, and you can explore them frequently on the website of Les Senteurs Gourmandes or on our blog The Vanilla Diary. Jonathan will introduce you to the complex functioning of smell and the delights of Vanilla worldwide through top-notch videos and tutorials. Together, we have many other surprises that will surely make the gourmands drool.

Meanwhile, we invite all gourmands to immediately discover the many activities offered by Arômes et Saveurs on Taste and Smell: To initiate oneself, to taste, to relax. A ludic program, convivial and 100% fun. We travel there, we are surprised, we discover, we learn, we rediscover ourselves, we become enthusiastic: Les Senteurs Gourmandes loves it...