Thanks to its unique know-how as perfume creator, Les Senteur Gourmandes interprets and defines with elegant greediness new olfactory horizons. To illustrate the outline of its fragrant creations, the homemade brand founded by Nadine Petit has built its Legacy around a captivating spice, as precious as gold: Vanilla. The variety of Vanilla is like that, for those who can feel, it produces a constantly renewed delight, says Nadine Petit.



Since then, the History of Vanilla and that of Les Senteurs Gourmandes did not stop to blend in order to dress the dreams and the skin. In 2006, aware of the jewel he inherits, Regis Lelong, continued the fine olfactory adventure initiated by Nadine Petit: “All our creations tell a Story, revive a distant olfactory memory, make you shiver remembering buried emotions or inspire a voyage, colour a desire ... This is the History that gives richness to our Fragrance House” stated Regis Lelong during the broadcast of Patrimoine Olfactif. He will never change the way defined by Nadine Petit: greedy accords with pastry accents, sunny fragrances opening scented horizons, aromatic compositions to regressive pleasures, patterns inspired by exotic trips, walks with poetic fragrances in its native Southwestern Orchards... Les Senteurs Gourmandes feast a benevolent imagination, snatch our feelings, embalm our memories, folded in Vanilla, like so many clichés of our intimacy ... In Perfume.


From the Mayans to the Aztecs, from the Spanish court to Versailles, the history of Vanilla marks than of men for millennia. But it was in 1841 that the delicate orchid delivered its last secret, that of its fertilization, to a 12-year-old young black slave from the Bourbon Island, named Edmond (Albius). In the greedy sillage of the way of spices, merchants and adventurers crossed the vanilla landscapes to bring to Europe the black gold bean, which made the fortune of some and the ruin of others. Vanilla stimulates appetites, unleashes passions: chocolate, perfume, apothecaries, cooks ... all rival for a “black fruit” of high quality, long, with a soft and shiny texture. It is in this tradition of excellence that we select natural raw materials which are distilled in our Eau de Parfum, as in all our fragrant creations... Fruits, flowers and spices are the subject of precise and thoughtful choices, they are the heart of our essences, colour pigments of our palette, the harmony of our perfumery.


Timeless collections, bright bottles and colourful elixirs, remain of a highly refined simplicity that is the signature of a genuine brand, distributed across 4 continents and in more than 25 countries. In Asia, the Middle East, Europe and the U.S.A, Les Senteurs Gourmandes generously spread the universal sensuality of vanilla and the genuine sweetness of the orchards of its native Southwest France.


To offer a scented creation Les Senteurs Gourmandes means to offer a feeling of travel, a fruity, spicy or flowery one, a tasty adventure, an olfactory Tale in the Country of Fragrances; it means to give the recipe of past happiness to the colours of the present... infuse joyful smells of childhood, add a touch of nostalgia to throb senses, “bite” in the comforting aroma of homecoming, and fly to a scented paradise...