What is magic in a fragrant creation is precisely that. A way to relate the alchemy dually, firstly the perfume arises, like a second skin, and then it merges until it becomes the skin odor.

Designed as a living museum of the Inner self that would expose, alternatively, collections of timeless classicism, fruits of our distant destinations or our sweet memories and contemporary collections of more pictorial odors, each of our Fragrances is crafted in the black and light vanilla bean.

Instinctively, one would like to caress it, to bite into it, this sensual spice with syrupy and caramelized notes... We chose to explore it like the New World opened before Cortes, to celebrate it as an Aztec goddess, distill it with all the finesse and the respect worth of her rank “The queen of spices”.


I vanilla, you vanilla, she vanillas, we vanilla... Les Senteurs Gourmandes coins in its workshops its most iconic olfactory conjugation under the hedonistic name “Traditional Vanilla.” A collection that accepts the tawny and amber-like colours of four Vanilla varieties with exotic gourmet accents. The Eau de Parfum Bourbon Vanilla, Oriental Vanilla, Black Vanilla and Chocolate Vanilla are intended to enhance the infinite mosaic of flavours that each exhales. For the connoisseurs, it is irreplaceable. It can be “tasted” as a Shower Gel, as a Body Lotion, as a Homemade Soap, as a Body Mist ... And as a Gift Set.

Bourbon Vanilla: Designed with natural essences of Vanilla, this sweet and delicious composition is the symbol of the brand Les Senteurs Gourmandes. It is regressive, feminine and soft. If you try as Body Lotion, beware! You might get devoured.

Chocolate Vanilla: A subtle marriage between the cocoa and vanilla beans. The bitterness of the beans is warmed by the sweet sensuality of vanilla... An outrageously natural rich composition, greedy and brown. It cannot be ignored...

Black Vanilla: Vanilla of excellence, this natural extract comes from Mexico, its country of origin, gives strength and character to this almost mythological blend. A deep and terribly captivating fragrance, which unfolds gently in contact with the skin.

Oriental Vanilla: a vibrant and blazing elixir carved with Natural Vanilla from India. Warm ylang and caramel notes blend to release its exotic and carnal fragrance.

A taste of “One Thousand and One Nights”.


”Tribute to the mythical Southwestern Orchards of France” might sound like a sad mass. But this collection of Fragrances cultivates poetry with a fruity and energizing style. Allergic to Happiness... Refrain yourselves! Hot lights, acidulous colors and bucolic freshness spray a soft euphoria of rediscovered freedom. The Orchard fragrances do not render the soul, they live it, and they purify it, by the lightness of its sillage. For the lovers of Mother Nature, scented creations that delight without moderation! You can pick it also as a Shower Gel, Body Lotion, Homemade Soap, Body Mist ... And as a Gift Set.

Vanilla Raspberry: a delicate alliance of freshly crushed raspberries and vanilla cream. A pinch of floral and aqueous notes will eventually wrap you in this sunbathed fragrance.

Jasmin Plum: A thin skin, a beautiful blue dress in purple, the Ente plum is the symbol of our Southwest orchards. In this fragrance, it gracefully married the freshness of Jasmine and the sensuality of Patchouli.

Wild Fig: a juicy and delicate creation. A gift often offered to women of South, a greedy veil with a very sensual end. As a sweet caress.

Apricot Vanilla: A delicious fragrance with accents of sun, refined by an irresistible touch of vanilla. This small, fleshy fruit, both tender and shimmering is illuminated by a fresh start... To end in a soft vanilla base.


Emotion is decisively modern. In this olfactory partition to major regressive notes, Les Senteurs Gourmandes will play with each other in a nostalgic ambience to immerse ourselves in a bath of happily introspective youth. A recipe of essential values, sincerity that simmers, an authentic signature, is the pleasure of hearing the scents of this childlike and exhilarating music. A simple, but not simplistic collection, touching, but not cheesy, definitely contemporary. You can “interpret” as a Shower Gel, Body Lotion, Homemade Soap, Body Mist ... And as a Gift Set.

Tender Madeleine: The subject of Proustian remembrance is here accompanied by an orange peel and bitter almond edge, softened by the heat of the oven. Let yourself be drunk by a greedy and spicy fragrance. A bath of tenderness which comes, among others, as a Body Lotion: unctuous!

White Musk: Privilege of a pure and light time. We breathe the sweet and fresh fragrance of white sheets drying in the sun in a garden bathed in white flowers. Give yourself the delicacy of a soft skin with powdery accents.

Violet Vanilla: The small flower of Toulouse crystallized in sugar. Soft and fresh notes that land on a bed of roses. Timeless elegance.


A jubilation of vanilla fragrances that relate the geography of scents. Shawls, cashmere scarves, tropical extracts and rare spices paved the southern seas and break in waves on the Workshop that looks like a landing. Here, one travels the world through thousands of flavours, aromas and colours! A Collection that refines exotic essences in a shimmery vanilla bath, bores the mysteries of expressions from Afar... Gives an aroma to the Horizon. Clearly, perfume is an art that can cross the latitudes and longitudes, in another way, out of time. A magical collection that can be “explored” as a Shower Gel, a Body Lotion, a Homemade Soap, a Body Mist... And as a Gift Set.

Sublime Rose: Like a wild rose, with majestic petals, Sublime Rose transcends the delicacy and beauty of the legendary Damascus rose. Its tender and radiant middle notes feast your senses and seduce the dandy.

Monoï Vanilla: The feeling of returning from a journey, the sweet fragrance of the Tiaré flower embraces the depth of rosewood flavours. Sun, sand and the Polynesian beauty secret intermingle on a jasmine background. Available as a Shower Gel that “makes your mouth water”

Grapefruit Vanilla: A pink and juicy pulp under the Florida sun for vitaminized accords. The freshness of citrus combined with the sweetness of vanilla.

Patchouli Vanilla: Timeless aroma, symbol of freedom and travel to Asia, Patchouli is associated in this Eau de Parfum to the Egypt geraniums, the powerful Tonka bean from South America and the divine Madagascar Vanilla. Epic and fatal…


“And there is nothing more beautiful than the moment that precedes the voyage, the moment the horizon of tomorrow pays a visit and tells us its promises” Milan Kundera, The Unbearable Lightness of Being. The promises of the Oud wood, wrapped in a leather dream of luxurious resin, are required in this top notch collection. “The Black Gold” infuses its power with the secrets of the Arabian Peninsula while the warm notes of carnal nature are revealed. Four worshiped compositions that bewitch the senses, incense the skin, invite us to pine for smoky rituals in this Oriental escape. Exceptional raw materials for a collection that flirts with the mystical.

Black Oud: Confusing at the beginning, it is quickly enhanced by the powerful wild notes of Patchouli. A sweet, rich base offering a mesmerizing sillage.

Amber Oud: A suave and woody fragrance. Surprising, once the amber notes are revealed and give life to a sensual sillage.

Blossom Oud: A sumptuous bouquet of flowers and woody notes melt to develop the oriental character of this Fragrance. A perpetual game of balance between the sweetness of the flowers and the depth of the Oud ... A discovery!

Rose Oud: A vibrant harmony where Rose blooms in Oud in the middle notes, then slowly surrenders to the voluptuousness of Patchouli.