“Of all the senses, Smell is the one that strikes me the most. How the smell, taste become Perfume, how our nerves become nuances, subtle and sublime interpreters of what is not seen, it is not heard, it is not written in words? Smell is like a soul, immaterial.” Marcel Hanoun.

Each fragrance designed in the Worskshop Les Senteurs Gourmandes is born of emotional imagination before taking a form through the unique harmony of Olfactory notes.


Here, a Perfume marries a shape, colours and translates not just words, but also a female portrait, an emotion, a distant memory or an exotic destination. We explore the infinite palette of flavours to extract the singularity of a material, an essence, a sound ... After this detailed analysis of the Scents, our nose traces the early drafts of a new fragrant Symphony. From sketches, we come closer to an aesthetic Olfactory ...

Take the Bourbon Vanilla, with the smell you contemplate a hot and humid Vanilla plantation where the roots of the orchid thrive on the pepper plant and cocoa trees. Once the bean splits open, it treats our greedy and vibrant notes.

To respect traditions, the partition is completed and left for 21 days by itself. This maceration of raw exceptional materials allows us to refine the fragrance, to give it life and body. More than an absolute, it is the birth of a collection of emotions, the expression of an imagination that takes shape.


Like a painter who mixes its pigments with linseed oil, the perfumer gently dilutes its aromatic perfume phials in alcohol. As a base, alcohol is an evanescent fluid that illuminates the richness of the fragrance, without fading away the magic. It is the intermediary that gives the start to then give way to the harmony of Scents.

Les Senteurs Gourmandes selects a 100% natural alcohol, without altering it, in order to ensure the most authentic and faithful passing on of the fragrant creation. This carnal fusion of alcohol and the Olfactory partition must be interpreted flawlessly and preserve the intensity of the perfumed veil that will dress your skin.

Caramelized corridors into the offices that she embalms, through the walls of the Workshop, escaping through the doors, she invites herself, she spreads through every corner of the Fragrance House. It is our muse, the Cardinal Scent of our valued Elixirs: Vanilla. Sometimes Black, Bourbon, Oriental... of Mexico, India or Madagascar, its multiple facets resonate as an emblem, our emblem, as a signature. Our Signature.


An Eau de Parfum is born. It now flows in an elegant and bright bottle, whose humbleness inexorably attracts attention with its intensely coloured Elixir that, in a moment, will reveal all its secrets.

This is our Workshop in Southwest France where every day we write the history of Les Senteurs Gourmandes, with fragrant, passionate, delicious features, we dress your dream skin with scent as the only language.